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One of the reasons why the consumer report magazine has been in circulation for this long is because of the crucial demand it fulfills. People are generally suspicious by nature, particularly where spending their hard earned money is concerned. Most of them rely on other people’s opinions, experience and recommendations to not only know about a product, but also gauge their potential experience should they decide to buy from the recommendations.

With the advent of the Internet, e-commerce websites are ruining their shows with different types of consumer reports. They continually ask their customers to rate service providers, mostly sellers on their websites; a good example here is Amazon which has a robust reviews system built on its platform.

The few e-commerce companies that are not using consumer reports of any kind consumer reports apart from their sales pages are essay writing companies. Most of them still rely on student intuition rather than proper product or service details. Doing this has its own complications. This website focuses on these companies and their consumers.

Student consumers in the online essay industry

It is a known fact that students spend a good chunk of their pocket money buying essays. At the click of a button, they can buy an essay off their computers or mobile phone. Like other consumers, students need to be protected, or at least, provided with non-partisan information about the essay companies they want to hire before they hire them. This is the job of third party websites like

Why the reviews are important

Students need to check out customer reviews because they have been tested; they work. Reviews can help students discover essay writing companies they never thought existed through the feedback of other students. Reviews can also help clean the essay writing industry by weeding out rogues. is the perfect place for you when you’re searching for essay writing company reviews.

Watching this, you develop you knowledge of writing industry!

How our platform works

As people who’ve worked around the essay writing industry for long, we realized that many students suffer at the hand of bad essay companies. We decided to do something about it. When our consumers check out our site, they leave comments and reviews for companies. We organize customer feedback to rank some of the best essay writing companies operating out there. We also have a special professional review for each essay writing companies rated on our platform. Use these to find a perfect paper writing company.